Evil and The God of Goodness: In Defense of The Problem of Evil (Part I)

Originally posted on Atheism, Philosophy and Science:
One of the most powerful and troubling arguments against classical monotheism is the problem of evil. Even if a theist believes in the God of the Bible, Qur’an or Torah and accepts the traditional interpretation of t “Now, let’s kill that dinosaur…” hose scriptures, the problem of evil may…

Some Atheistic Arguments and Why They Still Stand(Part I)

Many people who generally cared about this site, both online and offline, are seeming to be pretty annoyed by my frequent periods of complete absence from it. I confess that it is indeed a bit strange, but I cannot help it. However, when I am here and have the time to write an article long … More Some Atheistic Arguments and Why They Still Stand(Part I)


This is my personal blog for publishing my refutation of theistic arguments that are often used in support of the existence of God, though I encourage others to give their views. I encourage all Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and atheists to let me know of their views on my refutations. If you have any counter … More Introduction