The Argument From Personal Experiences

The argument from personal experiences is an argument for the existence of God, although not very wiimages (1)dely used as the Kalam Cosmological Argument or the argument from morality, it still keeps maintaining its influences in the debates. So my duty comes this way not to miss a chance of responding to it.
As the argument follows:
1. People in the world widely experience God spiritually.
2. Therefore, God exists.

Believe me(lol), this is the most simplified version of the argument with no unnecessary details. I honestly want to make my refutations clear, and by making the argument simple, it helps a lot.

So, this is one of the easiest arguments to refute. And don’t be surprised if the article becomes an absurdly short one.

The refutation:
Premise no. 1. People in the world widely experience God spiritually.
This statement is unverifiable and has no credible citation. First of all, the only way to know that a person experienced God is to hear it from themselves and the person whom you are listening to has a wide range of ways to fool you(i.e. Lying, misrepresentation, strawman…) and you can no way verify that the person is not using those methods. Further if we assume that he is being honest, we have to defy honesty. If honesty is speaking the absolute truth then the argument is irrefutable. But if honesty is speaking the things as the speaker himself perceived, then the argument is flawed.
Unfortunately, the second definition is the appropriate one.  He(if honest) will tell the story as he perceived it and his realization could be wrong. For example that can be neurological issue as the God helmet manages to do it. The first premise has major concerns that should get looked at.

The Conclusion: Therefore, God exists.
Of course the first premise is flawed for committing the anecdotal fallacy. So the conclusion is absurd.


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